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Valentines Reflection

Seeing as its Valentines day and I am feeling reflective and I am going to look back on my adventure to Paris last February.

When I visited Paris I was a little disappointed because at the time it didn’t live up to my expectations. I now realise that it was because of who I was sharing the trip with and not because of the city.

Looking back on my photos I can now see the true beauty of Paris. Thank god for cameras.

At the time I visited, I had just overcome a rough patch with my partner and was missing him like mad. He is the only person I can bare to travel with because of the way we understand each other.




Paris is the city of love and you should share this experience with your partner. I vow that one day I will go back with my darling and bask in the beauty of Paris with him. We will sit by the river on a park bench listening to a french man play the accordion in view of the Eiffel Tower. We will place a padlock on the Pont Des Arts bridge aka ‘the love bridge’ and we will visit the Louvre and I will teach my darling about my passions.


Getting into the seventies swing

When I researched into 2016 trends and found that the 1970’s will be the era of the year I was a little disappointed.

The 1970’s I thought was one of the more boring decades and all I could think of was bell bottom trousers. EW. I also cringed at the thought of wearing flared jeans as a child. Ah memories.

However keeping an open mind I did a little more in depth research and found that actually this might not be so bad.

My findings took me to linking the 1970’s with one of my favourite bands; Fleetwood Mac. Why did I not think of this before..

So Fleetwood Mac have the gorgeous lead singer Stevie Nicks who is my main inspirational figure for my On Trend collection.  Stevies bangs rock, Stevies face rocks and Stevies clothing rocks. I am feeling a new trim for 2016. #I #want #my #bangs #back

Another element which really got me into the 70’s swing was the feeling of freedom and laid back, effortless beauty, using Stevie as an example.
For 2016, I will take inspiration from shape, however as I am not keen on a lot of the shapee associated with this era I create my own twist of course.

My opinion has completely changed because of my research and ideas. I think it could even change me as a person, I live and breath fashion, I love quirky things but I think if the relaxed vibes of the 1970s came into fashion along with the clothing it would make the world today a better place. I may sound like a hippy, but maybe thats just


the seventies vibes taking over.

A new challenge is on the horizon. My main inspirations as often are culture, history and characters. Lets see where this goes…